What it takes to get your spaces de-cluttered, organized, and ready to stay that way.

Phone Consultation$0Great to learn more

Get started seeking an end to the clutter at no cost. Learn about how my services and your needs can be matched together.

15 Minutes
1 Phone Call
0% Commitment

On-Site Assessment$50/eaGreat for serious starters

30 Minutes
1 Visit & “Guesstimate”
0% Commitment

Bring me on-site to see the space, and learn how I can help control the clutter and organize your space. This fee can be applied toward any future working hours.

Organizing$75/hrYou're taking control!

Let’s de-clutter, organize, purge, and develop a system to maximize your spaces!

2 Hour Minimum
100% Hard Work
100% Awesome

Shopping$25/hrNew organization accessories

For projects needing additional custom organizing equipment, storage pieces, or other awesome accessories. Projects needing basic product will receive complimentary online suggestions.

100% Bargain Shopper

10 Hour Package – $712.50, save 5%

20 Hour Package – $1350, save 10%

Packages must be purchased in advance of time worked