Are you or your family big into snacks? If I looked in your pantry right now, would I find multiple open bags of chips, pretzals, cookies, etc? Unless you were raised by wolves, I bet you’re using SOME kind of clip to keep air from getting in the bag causing the snack to become stale, whether it’s a chip clip, a flip clip, a clothespin or a binder clip. However, this doesn’t really help when it comes to getting and keeping your pantry organized. The solution: use cheap skirt hangers as snack hangers. Not only does this keep the snack fresh, it clearly displays which bags have already been opened AND they’re FREE! Also, this makes great use of the front-most part of your pantry. You need to shop somewhere with these kinds of hangers (hello, Target) and your pantry needs to have this kind of generic shelving for this idea to work. Hangers with a bit of rubber on the clips or with metal slide-down pieces work best, especially if the snack weight more than 16oz. Try this and I guarentee you’ll never have two open bags of tortillas chips again. Let me know how this works for you!