How many of y’all have felt like this?Using a Bullet Journal can alleviate the "am I forgetting everything?" moments

It a horrible, nagging feeling.  I have often spent my free time worrying about what I might be forgetting instead of enjoying my free time. Personally, I suffer from anxiety so it makes it really difficult to chill out and enjoy doing “nothing,” but using my Bullet Journal has really helped!

There are hundreds of life organization apps out there (future post coming? I think so!) but my brain works best by physically writing EVERYTHING down. More than a year and a half ago, I discovered the amazing Bullet Journal concept and immediately ordered one to try it out. This is the one I ordered (I’m now on my second third). Bonus: it’s under $5! UPDATE: Due to the popularity of Bullet Journaling (seriously, check Instagram for #BuJo), my favorite journal is now almost $12 🙁 

Blueline Business Notebook, Quad Ruled, 9.25 x 7.25 Inches, 192 Pages

Basically, the Bullet Journal is a single book where you keep ALL the important information of your life. This includes your monthly calendar, daily and monthly To Do lists, grocery lists, etc. Personally, I also keep track of volunteer hours, business expenses, home improvement projects, meal planning menus, visit notes for Child Advocates, and ideas for Christmas gifts for family and friends. UPDATE: I also now have my ideal work week charted out, keep track of certain habits on which I’m trying to improve, and a loose family budget. 

Check out this genius video for how to get started.

Visit this site for more information. They also have REALLY nice journals you can buy straight from their site but I don’t think it’s necessary.

How do YOU keep your life organized?

Let me know how the Bullet Journal works out for you!

UPDATE: I wrote a follow up to this blog, which you can read HERE