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Getting Organized: How to Start The Process

You’ve decided to organize your space and you are looking for a safe storage facility. That’s great. After all, the first step is admitting you have a problem. I’m mostly joking 🙂 Check out this blog where I address many of the awesome motivations for getting organized.  Now, let’s break down the process. Getting organized requires a […]

When You Can’t Walk Into Your Walk-In Closet…

The walk-in closet. So many possibilities, so many chances to improperly use the space. Most walk-in closets I’ve dealt with face at least one of the following issues: Multiple sizes. Many of us have weight fluctuations and feel the need to keep clothing in a variety of sizes to accommodate the yo-yo. The Desert Island Mindset. “The moment […]

The Guest Room: A Truly Multi-Purpose Space

Most people want a guest room in their home but who has a guest 365 days out of the year? That’s a roommate. Shouldn’t that space serve a purpose year round? However, this potentially multi-purpose space often falls victim to trying to “be everything to everyone.” In other words, to serve TOO MANY purposes. Back Ground This […]