Mer’s Pick: Pop n’ Store Storage Boxes

It seems like people are always asking me recommendation storage boxes and bins. Usually, there are just too many factors to take into account to have a “go to” solution: size, material, cost, aesthetics. My one exception are Samsill’s Pop n’ Store Storage Boxes. I’m the Professional Development Director of NAPO Houston (National Association of Professional Organizers). Therefore, […]

Books: Valuable Collectibles or Kindling?

Last week was one of those where every client work day involved books. One client purged more than a half dozen boxes of books without a second thought. Another wanted to keep everything (even duplicates) because “every old book has value” and yet another wanted them organized by color of binding (that was a first for me!). […]

Standing Desk – A Resolution TwoFer!

It’s the third week of January and New Years Resolutions are dropping like flies. The top two resolutions are to get inshape/lose weight/work out/eat better and to get organized. Here’s a way you can attempt to do BOTH. Using a standing desk, or a “stand-sit” desk, may have a myriad of potential benefits, including: Lower Your Risk of […]

Christmas Storage: When Do You Un-Decorate?

Happy New Year! The first full weekend in January has now passed and you *should* be addressing much needed Christmas storage. People often debate about the exact time to “un-decorate.” I can’t get on board with taking down decorations on Boxing Day (December 26th); it’s still Christmas! But when should they come down? It’s a […]

Hoarding: It’s Not As Common As You’d Think

When I speak with new clients, they often say they’re a “hoarder.” Most are slightly tongue-in-cheek but some are completely serious. I’ve worked with clients who have way too much stuff for their space. I’ve worked with clients who have seriously neglected their homes. The fact of the matter is: I’ve never worked with a […]

Bullet Journal, Part 2

A year ago, I posted about the Bullet Journal. A client of mine recently sent me this article by Beth Skwarecki, The Bullet Journal, Minus the Hype, Is Actually a Really Good Planner If you thought the original Bullet Journal was too rigid, required too much perfection on your part, mosey over to the above article […]

5 Ways to Combat Kids’ Clutter

This one is going to be a quickie! Place bins or baskets on the floor of each common room and toss stray items into them each night. This is not the item’s permanent home, it is the “keep mom sane” home. Many families have dedicated playrooms for their children but some items, toys and books […]

8 Tips to Getting & Staying Organized

Try implementing these over time, even one a week (but I think you can do better!). 1. Make your bed every day. I know, I know. Why? You’re just going to get back into it at the end of the day. Making your bed instantly gives your bedroom a neat look. A neat bed makes […]