I’m BANANAS about this!

I have kids, so that means I buy A LOT of bananas. Some weeks they get gobbled up; others, I watch them turn from green to brown, untouched. Confession time: I do the same thing with kale, spinach, mixed greens… pretty much anything that’s the base for a healthy meal choice. But I’m a grown […]

SuperCook! Saves Dinner

Dinner time comes every night. Sure, we may go out or order in but, usually, I have to prepare some sort of repast for me, the kids, and (fingers crossed) my husband. I also know I need to go to the grocery store to procure ingredients to cook but that doesn’t mean I always do […]

Clean Out Your Home – Textile Recycling

*2022 UPDATE: Child Advocates Textile Recycling Drive is taking place across from their offices (in the parking lot behind 3801 Kirby Dr) on Friday, March 25th and Saturday, March 26th from 10a-4p. If you can’t make those times, you can schedule a pick-up at your home (see link at bottom). Be sure to select CHILD […]

Hoarding: Worst Case Scenario

You have to have been living under a rock for the last decade or not had access to any form of television or streaming to not have seen at least a few minutes of “Hoarders.” The reality series, first aired on A&E in 2009, depicts the real-life struggles and treatment of people who suffer from […]

Houston Area Prom Dress Drive

The Giving Gown Foundation is hosting their annual Prom Dress Drive. Their goal is to dress 1,300 Houston Area girls for the prom and spread the message of the organization: to help young women attend their formal events in style, regardless of their financial circumstances. While helping out this worthy cause and cleaning out your […]

It’s Been a Long Time…

… and this isn’t even a real post! I want to let all y’all know that my listed mailing address is NO LONGER active. I realized today that the USPS has slowly been raising my annual PO Box charge, from $74 in 2015 to $130 for 2020. Yeah, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS. Since I’ve […]

Even Organizers Aren’t Perfect…

People often assume that, as a professional organizer, my home is perfect and my time management skills are amazing. Yeah, it’s just not true. I will have weeks throughout the year where the house looks like a tornado blew through it. I will be late for appointments and, last Friday, miss them completely. I admit […]

Fall Into Your New Home Event

A few weeks ago, I was asked to speak at a really fun event in Houston. Carnegie Custom Homes and STUDIO Communications said I could talk about any organizing topic of my choosing so I decided to focus on top hacks for your closet, along with some of my favorite products from The Container Store. […]

How Texas House Bill 1774 Could Affect You

HB 1774 takes effect tomorrow. It’s designed to crack down on frivolous insurance lawsuits. However, it reduces the penalty interest rate insurance companies face for late payments if a policyholder files a lawsuit. The current interest rate is 18%, the new interest rate will be 10%. Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this new […]

How to Start the Insurance Process After Hurricane Harvey

It looks like the worst of the storm is over in Houston. However, the recovery process is just beginning. If you’ve been impacted by the flood, here are some helpful steps to follow during the insurance claims process. STEP 1 – If you have flood insurance, contact your agent or flood insurance provider and file […]