… and this isn’t even a real post! I want to let all y’all know that my listed mailing address is NO LONGER active. I realized today that the USPS has slowly been raising my annual PO Box charge, from $74 in 2015 to $130 for 2020. Yeah, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS. Since I’ve had exactly one client want to pay by check (and mail said check) in the past two years, there is no chance I’m going to pay that much to receive junk mail and mail intended for the PO Box Owners from 2014 and before.

If you need to send me something, I’m happy to give out my home address on a case-by-case basis. If you’re sketchy, I’ll give you my husband’s office address. I guess there’s now a sure fire way to find out if I think you’re sketchy!

As 2020 steams ahead and I further learn how to balance being a full-time mom and a part-time business owner, I hope to take a few minutes here and there to actually add content to the website.

That is, when the babies don’t want to snuggle with me!