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Mer’s Pick: POPn’ Store Storage Boxes

It seems like people are always asking me recommendation storage boxes and bins that will fit nicely in the storage units most towns have. Usually, there are just too many factors to take into account to have a “go to” solution: size, material, cost, aesthetics. My one exception are Samsill’s POPn’ Store Storage Boxes. I’m […]

Online printing services are designed for flexibility and ease of use for professionals and others who prefer digital printing services from companies like MyCreativeShop over traditional paper-based services. Paper and ink are the two most commonly used materials for print media. Each printer delivers its own unique look, though all printers provide similar printing performance […]

Christmas Storage: When Do You Un-Decorate?

Happy New Year! The first full weekend in January has now passed and you *should* be addressing much needed Christmas storage. People often debate about the exact time to “un-decorate.” I can’t get on board with taking down decorations on Boxing Day (December 26th); it’s still Christmas! But when should they come down? It’s a […]

Undersink Organization

Under the sink. Sigh. It’s a constant disaster: misplaced trash, multiple open, half-used bottles of the same product, inaccessible items in the back, spills and leaks. In a nutshell, it’s an organizational nightmare. Something like this seems ideal! It looks great, its adjustable, the shelf pieces are all independent of one another… but a garbage […]

Snack Hangers… really!

Are you or your family big into snacks? If I looked in your pantry right now, would I find multiple open bags of chips, pretzals, cookies, etc? Unless you were raised by wolves, I bet you’re using SOME kind of clip to keep air from getting in the bag causing the snack to become stale, […]

The Container Store

Everyone knows The Container Store is the Mecca of Organization. Pretty much, the only thing The Container Store can’t contain is my love for The Container Store. However, the price total of all these must-haves can quickly add up! Here are a few ways to maximize your spending. 1. Join POP! Perks. Go to this link and […]

Product(s) of the Week – Office

I had a few requests for more information re: the products I meantioned in my last blog, Super Small Office. Here we go: DOKUMENT Magazine file. For $6.99, you get a set of 2 files. I use these for a myriad of purposes, none of which is storing magazines. I love the modern, industrial look […]

Meredith’s Pick – Drawer Organizers

There are, literally, thousands of organizational products from which to choose. One of my favorites is also one of the least expensive: collapsable drawer organizers. I have read some productivity people suggest never folding socks or underwear, as it’s a huge waste of time. Sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth. The thought of living […]