There are, literally, thousands of organizational products from which to choose. One of my favorites is also one of the least expensive: collapsable drawer organizers. I have read some productivity people suggest never folding socks or underwear, as it’s a huge waste of time.

Sorry, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

The thought of living with messy drawers (can we call it a drawers drawer?) does that to me. I always thought I did a pretty decent job at keeping undies, socks, thigh high stockings and bras organized but these little collapsible drawer organizers took it to a whole new level. Here are Before and After photos of two drawers I used them in.

Bra Drawer Before/After Drawer Organizers Panty Drawer Before/After Drawer Organizers

See? And, best of all they make it EASY to keep things organized. You can find these or similar products just about anywhere but they do vary in quality, price, color, etc. The ones I bought were a great price but I’d rather they weren’t pink and would appreciate a little more structure. I’ve done some searching and these are my new favorites:

Drawer Organizers

I love these because they have these nifty edge pieces to increase the structural integrity. They’re $17 and, even better, ship free with Amazon Prime (click to see more). In addition to the above photos, I also use these for my swimsuits and my gym clothes drawers.

Do you use drawer organizers?

UPDATE: the pink and white organizers I initially used lasted two years before the cloth separating the sections started to sag. I’m not quite sure what caused this but they seemed to go from 0 to saggy overnight. I would still recommend them for a dorm room or other “temporary” situation but probably not for your forever home. I’ve been trying out a bunch of different options and will blog about them sometime in the next two years 😉