Do you ever ask yourself why you should get organized? Maybe you’re managing just fine amongst your stuff. Perhaps you’ve learned to build in 15 minutes of “just in case” time to every task because you know it take longer. Maybe you enjoy involving the whole family in a fun game of “Find the Keys/Purse/Phone.” However, have you given thought to what you might gain if you get organized? Here are a few benefits:

get organized1. You Can Relax

If you have to climb over clutter or struggle daily to find something in your filing cabinet, your stress levels will increase. If you can get organized, your stress levels will go down and you’ll be able to live a less chaotic, more relaxed life. You won’t just think you’re ready for the day, you will know you’re ready. I saw a bumper sticker which read: Organized People Are Just Too Lazy To Look For Their Stuff. Doesn’t that sound nice?

2. More Time For Yourself

Efficient people naturally have more time on their hands. If you’re more efficient, you’ll spend less time ‘working’ and will have more time for yourself and the things you love to do.  Just imagine how much more time you will have if you complete projects more quickly, effectively delegate tasks to others, waste less time looking for things, and make decisions more quickly?

get organized3. More Time For Family & Friends

Just as you will have more time for yourself, an organized person is more able to fit in time for friends and family members. Also, maintaining an organized lifestyle will not be your sole responsibility; your entire family will become a part of the process through clear expectations and task delegation.  You’ll also have more time to help in your community; just think of all the warm fuzzies!

4. Be a Better Role Model

If you have children at home, practicing organizational skills is very important. Your kids will take cues from you. If you don’t put things away, chances are your kids won’t either. However, when your kids see how organized you are, they’ll know you practice what you preach. If you teach them organizational skills while they’re young, you will provide them with a solid blue print for life. These skills will greatly aid your children in their homework and time management.

get organized5. Feel Proud Of Your Home

Disorganization can often result in embarrassment. You many feel concerned when visitors drop by unannounced. Perhaps prospective visitors give you a call ahead and you then frantically race around the house stashing stuff behind cabinet and closet doors. (Regardless of the state of my home, I still want people to give me a heads up and will still tidy up and run the cordless vaccuum or dust mop, but I’m a special case of crazy.)

6. Improve Health

In addition to having less stress, you’ll have more time on your hands to exercise and meal plan healthy meals. Additionally, a more organized house is easier to clean and keep clean. This means an environment more free from dust and allergens, which will allow you to breathe better! You can also achieve a dust-free and allergen-free home with the help of air filtration systems. So consider getting one now!

get organized7. Save Money

Are you ever at the grocery store and think, “Just to be safe, I will buy every item I need for this recipe,” only to arrive home and find 3/4 of the ingredients already in your pantry and refrigerator? The same goes for school/office supplies, wardrobe basics and toiletries. If you know what you have and can easily find it, you are less likely to buy duplicates. Also, you will no longer suffer late payments and penalties because you will never misplace a bill or credit card statement.

8. Do Better Personally and Professionally

Organized people give a better business impression than someone who can’t find a phone number, has an office piled with boxes or is always late for appointments. You will also be able to complete tasks more efficiently. Organized people find ways to eliminate tasks which aren’t necessary and ways to streamline those which take too much time. This leaves plenty of time to work on achieving all those goals on your list. Create a dedicated workstation for your tools and supplies, and believe it or not you will never have to waste time hunting them down ever again. In my case, I got myself a bucket from the best plastic pail provider to keep all my supplies.

Why Do You Want To Get Organized?