Can you Believe its Already October?!

Wow. How are we already in the last quarter of the year? As friends’ posts of “Yea, October!” flooded my feed and Halloween decorations began popping up around the neighborhood, I realized how much pressure people put on themselves during the upcoming holidays and how extremely stressful the “best time of the year” can be. […]

The Container Store

Everyone knows The Container Store is the Mecca of Organization. Pretty much, the only thing The Container Store can’t contain is my love for The Container Store. However, the price total of all these must-haves can quickly add up! Here are a few ways to maximize your spending. 1. Join POP! Perks. Go to this link and […]

Bullet Journal – Get Your Life Together Using a Simple Notebook

How many of y’all have felt like this? It a horrible, nagging feeling.  I have often spent my free time worrying about what I might be forgetting instead of enjoying my free time. Personally, I suffer from anxiety so it makes it really difficult to chill out and enjoy doing “nothing,” but using my Bullet […]


Check out this great article on hoarding by Linda Melone. Here is the original posting. You’re buying things a second time because you lost the first ones you purchased. You can’t fit your car in the garage because it’s jam-packed with junk. If this sounds like you, you probably aren’t a hoarder – particularly if all […]

Product(s) of the Week – Office

I had a few requests for more information re: the products I meantioned in my last blog, Super Small Office. Here we go: DOKUMENT Magazine file. For $6.99, you get a set of 2 files. I use these for a myriad of purposes, none of which is storing magazines. I love the modern, industrial look […]

Project: Home Office – Small Space, Big Problems

 How can a small home office create so many problems? Moving into a new space presented a home office problem for these homeowners. In their former home, the office allowed for a large corner desk with multiple file drawers and a large hutch storage cabinet. The new office has very little space (35 sq. ft.) […]

A Bit of Preparation Goes a Long Way

It looks as though I took National Simplify Your Life Week a little too seriously since I haven’t posted since Tuesday. Whoops! That makes today’s tip even more applicable: spend a few minutes of preparation to make your tomorrow easier. “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Now, let’s not get all […]

Limit the Incoming – National Simplify Your Life Week

This week is national “Simplify Your Life” week and here’s another tip: Limit the Incoming. Remember yesterday’s lesson? Well, apply that now and JUST SAY NO to all the unnecessary paper, calls, and emails creeping into your life. 1. Get on the National Do Not Call Registry.  Its super easy and you can register your cell […]

Just Say No – National “Simplify Your Life” Week

This week is national “Simplify Your Life” week. I know, I know, easier said than done, right? Each day, I’ll share with you a tip to make your life just a little bit easier. UPDATE: I clearly overcommitted by promising I would post daily during SYL week. I said No 🙂  Just Say “No.”  Nancy Reagan has […]

Cosmetic Expiration: How Old Is Too Old?

How old is that mascara you put on this morning? No clue? You do know most cosmetics eventually expire, right?? According to the FDA, make up expiration is not black and white but there are general guidelines. Let’s run through some of the basics. 1. Mascara  Mascara should be replaced every 2-3 months. If there is […]